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I wanna be the guy Walkthrough DETAILS

2008-03-10 14:30:49 by CazmoV


Hi, and welcome to Part 1 of my "I wanna be that guy" walk through.
I was going to do a video commentary thing, but I think this may be better.
If there is a demand of video commentary, I'll be happy to do it xD

The story

Basically, "I wanna be the guy" is an incredibly hard game made by Michael O'Reilly, who goes by the name of Kayin Nasaki. It is mind-blowingly hard and has been known for many glitches in the game.
Despite the glitches, it is completely safe to your computer =]
I have designed this because the game is so so hard, most players can't even pass the first save point. Although I myself haven't passed the first save point, I am willing to keep trying. I think this should be good, because I haven't had much experience in this game, and i am a beginner like you guys.

Get it here

Okay, so here is the link for the full game. It's completely free and safe. It may take a while to download (around 7 minutes for me) but it's so worth it (:


If you dont want the whole version in because it takes up alot of space and you may not get far, simply download the demo version


The Part 1 of the IWBTG walkthrough is coming very soon.

I hope your looking forward to it =]



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