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2008-02-07 14:59:30 by CazmoV

Hey NG!

I recently decided I was going to work hard on one specific flash, to make a really good one.
I was halfway through making a serious one of a forest ( Forrrrest PREVIEW ) when I though I could add something humorous to it and end it fast. But on the other hand, I wanted to keep the serious flash.
So, I came up with my newest flash, (Forrrest: Squish) which is meant to be serious at the start, but be silly at the end.
I hope that I will make a whole Forrrest series. That would be very cool (:

Please watch the flash's I made for the Forrrest series




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2008-02-19 07:23:52

want make flash about my bans? -->


2008-02-24 06:59:52

Your animation is pretty basic. The experimental look is good though, make it a bigger thing in your movies and it could be a blast. :)