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2009 Submissions

Lucidity 1 Ambient Song
Lasscal Laiif Classical Song
Acidic Hippos Miscellaneous Song
Harpsicore Video Game Song
December Dubz Techno Song
SpaghettiSTFU Punk Song
Volkommenes Ambiente Ambient Song
{+mc-v+} Bryn Techno Song
(+mc-v+) BassTrippin Techno Song
Egyptian Masterpiece Voice Demo Song
(+mc-v+) Pyramid Of Bass Drum N Bass Song
(+mc-v+) CreepBass Drum N Bass Song
(+mc-v+) D to the B Drum N Bass Song
(+mc-v+) Samba Miscellaneous Loop
(+mc-v+) Woot? Industrial Song
(+mc-v+) Da Shapez Drum N Bass Song
(+mc-v+) Distorted Reality v.1 Trance Song
Distorted Reality PREVIEW Trance Song
(+mc-v+) F*ck Off (remix) Industrial Song
(+mc-v+) Scareshow Miscellaneous Song
(+mc-v+) Street Loopz Industrial Song

2007 Submissions

(+mc-v+) Crimbo Mix Techno Song
(+mc-v+) Genre Mixagenessness Miscellaneous Song
(+mc-v+) Midnight Industrial Song
MC Vee Y'all Industrial Song